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Ya can’t please all the people all the time.

I guess that’s life.

This morning a blogger sent me an email stating:

This morning I woke up with this nasty comment on my blog with your name next to it. I deleted it immediatly and added a filter to block the N word in the future. I thought you should know in case it turns out to be a smear campaign of some sort against you.

And the removed post was:

New comment on your post 
Author : Jim Boykin (IP: ,
E-mail : [email protected]
URI    :
Whois  :
Comment: Makes me sad seeing these (racist word removed) popping all this kind of garbage.
they have love with their mothers.

A sad fact is that I can not make everyone happy, and some people don’t like me. 


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  1. There’s the power of a brand in action, Jim.

    I saw that comment and immediately thought “Nope, that wouldn’t be Jim. Someone’s trying to cause some trouble.”

    And moved on.

    Even though I’ve never met you and my entire ‘relationship’ with you is via reading your blog, your brand (to me at least) is good and decent, etc.



  2. Jim

    aprox 1,5 years ago Aaron Wall told me sth like this…

    Christoph, if people start bitching about you, put up hate sites and stuff, then you must be doing something right – that’s what I learnt

    (cannot recall exact wording, but you get the message)


  3. Yep,

    The net is the wild west…..

    I’ve had this same crud happen to me before.

    There’s nothing worse then your name being smeared in front of the entire internet.

    but it’s true…. the more your name gets seen the more bound you are to piss someone off.

    Good job on keeping your temper Jim.

    If it makes you feel better someone called one of my blog posts “pathetic” today. 🙂 ..

    and Jeremy sure did hit Andy with a hard uppercut with his “MyBlogLog spam” comment.

    Cheers Mate!

  4. The irony is, you probably have way more resources and know-how to outspam and destroy this guy’s net cred, but being held accountable, as well as being a nice guy, you won’t stoop to his level. Bravo for you.

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