29 Aug 2006

SEO Tip – Get Your Own IP Address.

So I just bought a domain from someone who had it both registered and hosted with register.com…and in trying to keep things as much as they had been, I opened up an account with register.com to move the domain into my register.com account.

I ended up running into a problem and I had to call them. While waiting for a human on the phone I heard register.com’s recorded message stating something to the effect of "Google will rank you higher if you register your domain for longer periods of time". Which isn’t "proven" (they’re taking that from the google patent of march 2005 that mentions that they might look domain registration length)….but tonight I chatting with register.com about hosting the site with them too to keep the same nameservers the site has historically had and my first question was "What do I need to do to get my own unique (non-shared) IP address"…and they told my that they only offer shared IP addresses….hum…for a company touting how google ranks sites, why don’t you offer unique IP’s, even if I have to pay more, I’d rather have my own IP (I’d hate to be sharing my IP with thousands of other sites…I’m sure some have been blacklisted).

**not sure if your domain is sharing IP’s?
***Edited to include Dave’s tool he mentioned below instead of the method I originally had:
Use this tool http://www.seologs.com/ip-domains.html

Moral: Get your own IP address for your site. Don’t share IP’s. Call you host and tell them you want your own Unique IP address. Tell them also that you want a Fresh IP…not a recycled IP (if a spammer gets a site blacklisted, leaves the host, that host will recycle that IP)….you don’t want a recycled IP..best to call and speak to a tech guy. Getting your own IP will usually cost around $25 – $100 one time extra fee…sometimes hosts will charge $2 – $25 extra per month…it’s not much, just do it.

Agree? Anyone else have IP tips, tools, etc?