27 Dec 2005

What country is your site hosted in?

As you may recall, several weeks ago I purchased a handful of old domains and we’ve been uploading some additional content on them.

One of these sites has been getting tons of traffic from Google….but not from google.com, from google.ca.

So in doing a bit of research (www.whois.sc) I found that the site is hosted in Canada….thus it ranks much better in Google.ca, and doesn’t rank for squat in google.com. So I’m going to wait another few weeks, and then move the hosting to somewhere in the US (I want to change things slowly for these newly purchased old domains).

This is an important point, in that I think that few people realize that Where Your Site is Hosted (country) can have a great impact on your rankings. Google has already stated that they tend to give a boost to sites in the country that the domain is hosted in. I’ve consulted with people from all over the world, and one of my questions to them is "What country is your biggest target market", followed by "where is your domain hosted (country)?" for if your domain is hosted in Italy (since that’s where you’re from), and your main market is in the US, then you should move your domain to a host within the US.

Also if you’re getting cheap hosting, and it happens to be hosted in say India, then you’re adpt to rank higher in India, and lower in the US.

***added – some people think that it’s the domain extention that counts…ie, .co.uk, .ca, etc….but it’s NOT…it’s all Where it’s Hosted…NOT the domain extention.

Something to think about.