31 Aug 2006

SEO Services Email Spammers – my trap is open.

This morning I had 2 emails in my inbox from "SEO Companies" telling me that they can’t find webuildpages.com in the search engines and that I can get a Free evaluation from them to show me what needs to be done, and how their services can help me. This is nothing new, I’m know everyone gets emails like this every day.

I think this afternoon I’ll take one of the 400 sites we own and put a scrapable email on it and then when these companies email me I’ll respond with "Yes, please, tell me how you can help"….and then I’ll publish here the stupid things they recommend….hey, don’t they deservice this for spamming me?…..funny thing is, is that I’ll bet I’ll actually catch some Big Name SEO Companies writing me….you think?

Good idea?