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Sperm Donors make more than SEO’s.

Catchy headline eh?

I found this neat tool via Digg that shows how much you should be getting paid….but before my employees get all excited and start asking for raises, read the funny digg comments…and yes, Sperm Donors can make more than SEO’s according to this tool….and yes, I must be a cheap bastard because I don’t pay $140,000/year….but again…when I saw the huge local rates for SEO’s and click on the results, there were strangely no ads for those high paying jobs…..maybe this is the tool some of the "SEO Pay Rates" papers were based on that have come out the past few years.



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  1. Thanks Rand…it took a a bit to go through payscales online process, but now I don’t feel like a cheap bastard anymore…these numbers seem much more realistic.

  2. Take a look at my blog post about that same tool. I typed in different ways to say “SEO professional”. Depending how you label yourself you can make a lot more.

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