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Don’t ever try to cancel AOL.

Cancelling an AOL account is harder than you’d think.

Great video of a guy trying to cancel his AOL account.

Hat tip to Cristian Mezei and his SEO Blog.


On another note, Here’s an experiment in Viral Internet Marketing.


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  1. I think aol has changed since that video. I had to cancel an account a few weeks ago and got through right away and it was cancelled instantly. They must have caught alot of flack about the news on this.

  2. >I think aol has changed since that video

    Well I guess after that last guy got fired the other call operators are pretty quick not to make the same mistake. I feel sorry for ‘John’ though, I doubt he decided to pursue the sale so vigoriously off his own back, this smells like a company policy he took the fall for.

  3. Great work in getting the message out for canceling an aol account.

    Any advice on how to cancel the free aim account? I canceled my aol account 2 years ago and it was (inadvertently) converted into a free account (same screen name) that also receives emails addressed to my aol account.

    I have tried repeatedly to cancel this account to no avail. In fact, tech support says that it is impossible to cancel outright. You need to not use the account for 90 days or more. In my research, though, not using the account for 90 days only give the company THE RIGHT to terminate the account/cancel the screenname. It is not automatically canceled and, according to several folks, never canceled.


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