29 Sep 2006

Eric Ward offers Link Building Newsletter.

Eric Ward is a man with several several names (The Father of Link Building, Link Moses, Mac Daddy Link Master, among other respected link names).  

I’ve got the highest respect for Eric, and I’ve been lucky eneough to had the honor of sitting next to Eric on a few SES link building panels.. I’ve also also got a link to Eric’s speaking presentations that is included in the link building training that my team receives….so when I saw Lee post about Eric now offering a paid newsletter on link building, I jumped right over and signed up. 

Eric’s offering a Free Trial of the WardReport that every serious link builder should jump over and sign up for.

It’s statement like this from Eric’s newsletter that I totally agree with:

More importantly, however, the engines know if your site has links that they can trust. That’s the heart of the matter when it comes to link-building for search rank and link-building for click traffic. The engines know how to count links.

Eric’s always been on up and up with link building methods, so when he speaks, I listen.

Photo Credits of Eric from Lee as well.