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It’s True – Spammers Can’t Add!

I’ve had my little battles with blog spam in the past. I’ve gone so far as to deactivate comments and pings on post over 30 days old (that actually helped a lot)….then I added  a plug in called Akismet which helped some more….then I saw a few weeks ago that Matt Cutts had added a plug in that asked a simple math question that people had to answer in order to post comments, so I had my blog designer add that plugin, and wow – yea, spammers can’t add (or at least this stops the auto post programs).

This plug in is called "Math Comment Spam Protection" and I love it.

The only thing I miss is viewing all the hot prescription drugs I should be marketing, or latest products that could make me $….and the subdomains that might be working good – if only I had time to be more black hat this knowledge would be a good help.


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  1. This is my first post in your blog Jim, but I’ve read it since a few months ago. I have a design and marketing company in Monterrey, Mexico. It seems is a nice plugin, I will get it for my blog.


    Carlos T.

  2. I’ve been using Akismet; I’m more or less satisfied with it. I did have one reader e-mail me about getting a posting error. Unfortunately this math plug-in would be real easy for a spammer with a little programming knowledge to defeat.

    In the blackhat forums I read — yes, read 🙂 I can’t program for shit — these guys are talking about how to automatically decode CAPTCHA images. A math problem displayed in text would be no problem!

  3. Akismet works ok…but there’s still some real comments that it flags as spam….this means that I still have to review the Akismet blog post…so yea, they don’t go live, but I’ve still got to weed through them (about 80 per day)….until I added the new math plug in…now I get about 3 spam in the Akismet folder….beats weeding through 80 spam and then pulling out the 1 real comment.

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