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28 Jul 2008

QualityGal’s First Conference Call

I feel all "grown up" now. Jim had me called into the conference room to consult on a conference call with a client. Oh sure, there were five other people already in there, but none of them had this particular bit of expertise. It reminded me that I still haven’t written my first substantial blog entry here about user intent, and making sure a website is human-friendly, not just search… [Read More…]

22 Jul 2008

If I’d been at BlogHer, it wouldn’t have been to hear Graywolf speak

No offense at all to Graywolf, who believes it was sexist of BlogHer not to have male speakers at its 2008 conference, but I wouldn’t have gone there to hear him speak. If I’d gone at all, that is. Let me back the train up a bit. Until a few weeks ago, I was just your average mommyblogger. You’ve never heard of my mommyblog, and I’m not going to share… [Read More…]

17 Jul 2008

QualityGal is hopping on the social networking bandwagon

Alright, so not everything I do every day is quite worth making a post about here on Jim’s blog, but if you’re at all interested in what it is I do for a living, you can now follow me on Twitter. And not that you’ll need to if you’re already reading Jim’s blog, but you’ll also be able to follow my blog posts here on Facebook. Edited to add: You… [Read More…]

15 Jul 2008

Linkbait 101: School’s In For the Summer

Alright. So it’s been almost two weeks since I asked for some education in the form of linkage. Since then, Jim decided to dump an order in my lap for over 1000 articles that need to be written ASAP – no easy feat when you’re looking for high quality content. The dozen writers already on the WBP short list were not quite sufficient, so I’ve been busy recruiting, hiring, handing… [Read More…]

07 Jul 2008

Are Forums Going the Way of the Brontosaurus?

It’s QualityGal again. It appears that my boss hijacked my last blog post in the comments section with a rant about… blogs. Among other things. I’ll let my request for education simmer for a few more days to see if I get any more advice by way of links. This rant took place right around the same time he replied to my email about a project I’m working on, where… [Read More…]

03 Jul 2008

QualityGal Has Entered the [Link] Building

Hi, I’m not Jim. I’d like to introduce myself. You can call me QualityGal. Oh sure, that’s not what’s written on my birth certificate or marriage license, but it’s so much more fun than my “real name.” I almost feel like I should wear a cape and have a nemesis, but I have a feeling that my co-workers, the link ninjas, would look at me funny if I did. This… [Read More…]

05 Jun 2008

SEO Black Hat Joins SEO Class Scotland June 23-24

Looks like Scotland’s getting a bit grayer in a few weeks. (yea Doug, I can hear ya barking already). I’m honored to announce that QuadsZilla (SEO Black Hat) will be joining our group for SEO Class in Scotland (June 23-24). QuadsZilla will be speaking on techniques he’s used/seen/heard about, that should be of interest to all those in attendence. I’m excited to meet a man I’ve been IMing with for… [Read More…]

02 Jun 2008

I’d never publish this on

I love getting testimonials. I collect them on We Build Pages. But I just got one that I’d never publish on , but I still thought I’d share it here. "Any who, I was just reviewing the progress report from this past month, and we had a killer month. You guys tore shit up like a spider monkey going ape shit for a banana! I’m not too sure what… [Read More…]

29 May 2008

Lyndon Antcliff (Cornwallseo) Joins SEOClass Scotland.

We’re also now honored to have Lyndon Antcliff ( to the lineup for SEO Class in Edinburgh Scotland June 23-24th. Lyndon is one of my favorite bloggers, as well as he’s been the man in the SEO news a lot recently for his linkbait story about the 13 year old kids who stole the credit card and bought hookers (and for the controversy that ensued). I’m really looking forward to learning and listening to… [Read More…]

23 May 2008

The Achilles Heel of Free and Natural Links.

Last month I was having a chat with a SEM guru who knows a lot more than me in many SEM and website optimization areas, but he said something about "links" that I’ve regretted not giving my 2 cents on. He said "Hey, I’ve got this client who’s been around since 1994, a big national brand company, and they’ve got over a million natural backlinks….now you can’t tell me that they need… [Read More…]

20 May 2008

SEO Class June 23-24 Edinburgh Scotland – Free to Ninjas.

The last SEO Class in April was a blast. Everyone received training from: Chris Winfield (10e20), Michael Gray (Graywolf), Kim Krause Berg (Cre8pc), Ted Ulle (Tedster), Barry Schwartz (Rustybrick), Greg Niland (GoodROI), and me (Jim Boykin (We Build Pages)). I received a few responses from class attendees worth sharing: Jim, I just wanted to personally thank you for putting on a great seminar.  I had a great time and really… [Read More…]

23 Apr 2008

Ninjas in Amsterdam, Jamaica, & Scotland.

Next Tuesday (the 29th) a few ninjas and I are going to Amsterdam (going to visit with a client). I’ll also try to catch Martijn while I’m there.  We’ll be there during the Queen’s Day celebration…which looks pretty crazy. Then from June 6-10 there’s about 19 Ninjas going to Jamaica. We should be booking everything probably tomorrow. If you have any tips or suggestions for where to stay, and what to do,… [Read More…]

06 Apr 2008

Buying Websites for SEO – Who me?

– I was just asked if I’d speak on "Buying Sites for SEO" at SMX Advanced in Seattle (June 3-4)… wasn’t planning on attending any SEO conferences in 2008….but man…that’s a prett interesting topic! ….. but I’m not sure if, like link building, I’d feel comfortable talking about the finer points of this….. I wrote about it once long ago (Nov 05)….and we’ve come a long, long ways since then….but it’s a… [Read More…]