03 Oct 2007

How much would you pay to be #1?

I’m seeking to test a pricing experiment.

What if I said I wouldn’t charge you dime unless you reached your ranking goals?

I’m asking everyone out there (who would consider hiring us), how much would you pay (monthly) to be #1? to be in the top 10? How much for rankings between 1 and 10? for how many keywords? How much per word?

Just create a table showing the URL(s), keyword phrases, and prices per rank you’d pay monthly.

I’ll choose 1 site/person who submits a good proposal to me by the end of next week. If we agree to take on your project, Sign a contract, and you won’t be charged a dime until ranking goals are met, then you paid agreed amount for stated rankings each month.

How much would you pay to be ranked for what phrases?

Feel free to email your proposal to me at my-first-name @ we build pages.com. FYI, start date will be Nov 15th.

BTW, What do you think about this idea?