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Monthly Payment SEO Scams

I was listening to the Jupiter Webinar "How to Select a Search Marketing Partner" by Chris Sherman today and during the end Q & A someone asked about Monthly fees for SEO.

Chris did say that for pages which don’t change, optimizing once is probably all they need…..but he also said something like "as search engines change their algorithms, your pages might need to change as well" (I’m paraphrasing from my poor memory)….but I’d have to say that I disagree with that idea….how would you know that a search engine changed what it likes for on page optimization? ….won’t it always be pretty much as it is now….lots of text with your keywords sprinkled in? If a page is "optimized" aren’t you done….forever?

It reminds me of a SES panel I attended once called something like "How to price for SEO services". During that session I listened to people debate on hourly prices, and per page pricing, and other pricing which all centered around continual fees for "on page optimization". During the Q & A of that,  I stood up and basically said that I don’t understand how people can charge monthly for on page optimization. That’s a one time job.

I feel that companies which charge monthly to "optimize" pages that don’t change, are just scamming. I can only see charging monthly for link building – not optimization.


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  1. Got to agree. And sometimes as people think they are optimizing up they are also tweaking away some of the text that was there…and also making the page read worse. I mean, what can an outside source who knows nill about a subject add to the quality of text to where they need to keep working on it each month.

  2. I don’t think webpages once optimized need to be ‘tweaked’ unless the content within them is changing.

    Monthly SEO fees does make sense for websites that are continously adding content, thus webpages, to their site and would want these pages to be optimized.

    Most firms charge a maintenance fee, which is more of a site health check, optimization of newer webpages added and monthly link building.

    Giving monthly SEO fee doesn’t make any sense for website that don’t add new content on their site too often.

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