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Aaron Wall interviewed by Andrew Johnson

Aaron Wall is one of my favorite SEO Bloggers and SEO book authors, & chat buddy, was just interviewed by Andrew Johnson.

Here’s a quote from Aaron:

"I worked for my first customer for $100, and the second site was adult and they paid me $300. They both quickly ranked #1 and the adult site owner loved me so much that he gave me a Christmas presant somewhere around $1,000 just because he was making so much money."

(reminds me of when some of my first clients started to send me extras money….and I knew they must be making some nice $ themselves)

If you haven’t read SEO Book, what are you waiting for? Still not convinced? Read NickW’s review at threadwatch.

Aaron’s also been in the news recently for being sued by another SEO company called Traffic Power / 1P. 

I gotta say, Aaron’s one of the wildest ones at search engine conferences, I could tell ya stories, but I don’t want to tarnish his "pure" name in the industry 😉


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  1. >Aaron’s one of the wildest ones at search engine conferences, I could tell ya stories

    Believe it or not, I may be done w drinking, as I often drink too much when I do. Pissed off a good friend & almost broke my jaw recently by being a stupid drunk.

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