02 Oct 2005

New Killer Backlink Tool – Beta

We’ve got a new killer tool which check backlinks as well as it shows the link text being used in the backlink. (Please don’t ask from where, or how we get this info ….’cos I won’t tell)

**** Updated, out of Beta, and moved to HERE —-> Neat-O Backlink Tool <—- ****

Another nice thing about this tool is that it only shows 1 result per domain (so if there’s lots of backlinks from 1 domain, it will only show 1 from them – and it puts them in alphabetical order). This way you can get an idea of how many Sites are linking to you.

Currently it’s got a big ole bug in it, and perhaps one of you can help us get over this bug.
The bug happens when you’re running a site with lots of backlinks, and after about 285 results, it just freezes on returning the link text….it’s really too bad, because when it finishes, it will give totals on the bottom….anyone with ideas on how to fix this, please post them.

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Enjoy! Anyone with "fix it" ideas, please post.

When we get this bug out I’ll do another post about this tool.


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