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Andrew Johnson just did a great interview with Markus Frind.  If you’re not familiar with his name, perhaps you’re familiar with If you’re not familiar with either his name, or his site – then you should  familiarize yourself with both – why?

Because he’s making $10,000 a day with Adsense! Read the interview here.

Markus also has a thread on Webmaster World called "How I made a million in 3 months"

Speaking of Adsense, I see that Corrupt DMOZ Editor has a post about the adsense blacklist site that’s been making news this week.

…. on another side note… if any of you ever wondered, yes, we do adsense on some sites…and we do some affiliate sites as well…we do much more than SEO for clients….I think any SEO company would be crazy to only service clients and not do some of their own stuff as well. In fact, this year I’m hoping that our own sites will generate more income than client income.


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  1. Jim,

    I’m realizing that more SEO companies seem to be working for themselves rather than working for clients. Which makes since, if you can do it why not benefit for yourself first? I would rather earn a dollar from AdSense than from a client because earning that dollar is continual and you don’t necessarily have to be “clocked in” to earn it, I could be sitting on the beach making that money…

    I think your next poll should survey along these lines. How many SEO’s run their own sites to earn money for their company compared to actual client work (something along those lines)

  2. Adsense is evil. I would bet that he could be making a ton more money if he sold advertising directly to advertisers. Adsense in my opinion devalues websites. It puts legitimate websites in the same hue as scraper sites. And Adsense motivates people to create MFA websites which are providing no value whatsoever and polluting the SERPs.

  3. I totally agree with Tony Hill.

    I’m realizing that more SEO companies seem to be working for themselves rather than working for clients.

    First they work for you, then they find that it is good way how to make a money.
    Next step is start their own sites with the same type information to help increase your site positions.
    After that you find, that their site appears around your in search engine, but nothing wrong, client from SEOs site come to you.
    First you think something is wrong, when SEOs site appears above yours. Why they increase their site position, why not my?
    Final step is stop work for you and start work or sell site to your competitor.

    Finally I have to say, that above was story of my friend not me, we find great SEO company which work only for clients and only for one from each industry.

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