24 Mar 2006

Making Millions with Contextual Advertising.

Andrew Johnson just did a great interview with Markus Frind.  If you’re not familiar with his name, perhaps you’re familiar with plentyoffish.com. If you’re not familiar with either his name, or his site – then you should  familiarize yourself with both – why?

Because he’s making $10,000 a day with Adsense! Read the interview here.

Markus also has a thread on Webmaster World called "How I made a million in 3 months"

Speaking of Adsense, I see that Corrupt DMOZ Editor has a post about the adsense blacklist site that’s been making news this week.

…. on another side note… if any of you ever wondered, yes, we do adsense on some sites…and we do some affiliate sites as well…we do much more than SEO for clients….I think any SEO company would be crazy to only service clients and not do some of their own stuff as well. In fact, this year I’m hoping that our own sites will generate more income than client income.