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Does an old bastardized site still pass link love?

Last month I set up an advertising arrangement with a nice old site. I’ll call this site "Big Site A".

In researching "Big Site A" in the wayback machine I saw that it had a kinda shady history long ago. By shady I mean that it once had been selling links to some questionable websites on many of their pages, so I wasn’t sure if the link value was still passing, so I did a test.

The Test:
I found a nice subpage on "Big Site A", and found another site that we work (Smaller Site B) which had relevant content on it that I thought would make a nice voting test.

I used a 10 word phrase as the link text from "Big Site A", linking to a relevant sub page on "Smaller Site B".

"Smaller Site B" ranked #7 for that 10 word phrase prior to testing. Once the search engines indexed the page on "Big Site A" that linked to the relevant sub page of "Smaller Site B", the page went from #7 to #2 overnight.

Yup, though "Big Site A" had some shady history in it’s past, it still passed link value. Good Deal.
Sure, it was a nice relevant link for click throughs, but knowing it’s passing some link love makes me feel even better.


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  1. Interesting test Jim, I wasn’t aware that anchor text citations were passed immediately. I always was under the impression that it took several weeks.

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