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Local Internet Marketing – SES Denver from Mike Belasco

Local Marketing SES Conference Coverage from Mike Belasco

Mike the Marketing Guy has some coverage of the Sept 28 SES converence in Denver that covered Local Marketing.

Mike covered:

and here’s the Official info from SES Local Denver Sept 28

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  1. I was there as well and had the chance to meet Mike. Great guy.

    The conference was a LOT smaller than the usual SES conferences. There was large an imbalance of presenters, exhibitors, and marketing reps versus local webmasters.

    If you were a marketing rep attending to meet and sell to some local webmasters, you might have been disappointed.

    However… If you were a local webmaster like Mike, you had the undivided attention of the heads ofthe Local Divisions of Yahoo! and Google as well as other secondary Local Search Engines and all of the presenters.

    As usual… Everyone was very forthcoming with information in the sessions as well as between the sessions.

    I got the chance to pester Jake Baillie from TrueLocal about arbitrage tactics and he showed me some cheap sources of traffic and techniques that I won’t repeat.

    Hopefully there will be a larger turnout of local webmasters next year. Sometimes I get my best information from other attendees and not necessarily from the formal presentations.


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