11 Dec 2005

10% of SEO’s work on over 200 websites each.

According to my last poll, twice as many SEOs/Webmasters work with over 200 sites than only work with 1 site.  69% of my readers work with between 4 and 50 websites, and 10% work with over 200 sites.

My last poll asked "How many websites do you work on?"

The results were:
1 site                  5%
2-3 sites           10%
4-10 sites         24%
11-50 sites       45%
51-200 sites       7%
Over 200 sites  10%

I was pretty suprised (or nieve) to think that most people were working with only 1 website…where in fact, most seem to be working with 11-50 websites and 10% of my readers are working on over 200 sites (I work with close to 400 sites).

Maybe the next time I get a call from a prospect, I should not ask "What is your URL" but rather I should ask "How many sites are you working with, and give a few of the URL’s to look at.

I wonder if the voters here work within only 1 industry, or several industries….can you imagine have 200 sites all on 1 topic?