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Wanna be a SEO Millionaire?

Are you chasing the Million Dollar Dream?

Webmasterworld has an interesting thread started by toldan called:

Adsense Millionaires
Has anyone reached a million yet?

after a start, ezgo jumps in with some numbers:

If you mean make 1M in a year from AdSense.
so average. $83333.33/month
About $2777.77/day
Each click usually is from $0.03 to $2.00. Let’s assume averge $0.6 per click(I think this is still high) You need to have have at least 4630 clicks/day
If CTR is 1.5%. You need at least 308667 views on your site each day.

incrediBILL then ads more logic with numbers by addiing:

…Get motivated, you only need to make about $2,800 per day, which could be as easy as 547 web sites making as little as $5/day each…

Another interesting comment was made by Dollarshort who says:

Adsense now takes the back seat, I’m now making 4X the amount on an affiliate program.

There’re more gems in there, check out the whole thread at WebmasterWorld.


If you’re chasing the million dollar goal, what are your current methods?

Adsense, Affiliates, Dropshippers, advertising, selling products, selling services, etc.?

Why did you choose the method you chose?

Do you have a chance of making that Million? When?


7 Responses

  1. I know for a fact that it has been done (wasn’t me personally) so there’s a chance for anyone to become an Adsense millionaire. It does take quite a bit of resources though. No need to stop at a million per year though. WHy not 3 mil year? Or 5? It’s really not a stretch.

    Lots of pages+targeted traffc= loads of earnings

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  3. Sure, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the affiliate industry is estimated at about 5 billion dollars a year. That leaves plenty of room for people to pull in a million plus a year — and this industry isn’t shrinking, its growing.

  4. Howdy

    I’ll publish as Anon because I don’t want to get into the mine is bigger than yours thing (because it isn’t!).

    I’ve been online for 6-7 years. Before that I was into big business marketing.

    Online I’ve made these sort of numbers; Once made $200,000+ in 1 hour from sale of a $50 product after offline PR mention. That went on for weeks at a slower and slower rate.
    I was making $15,000 a day in sales on another product last year (all from Google Adwords).
    I made $5,000 pd for a few months this year from 1 term being # 1 in the engines.

    I’ve just started doing Adsense more seriously (have had 10 sites making $10 per day for a few months) – in the first 2 weeks we have one site at just under $100 per day.

    Have a couple of affiliates sites that do close on $1,000 per month with almost no (i.e. less than 5 hours in total) work.

    From where I’m standing Adsense and Affiliates are the way to go.

    Like incrediBILL says, imagine if we put up 100 sites pulling in $10 per day each. That seems/is achievable to me. And that’s $365,000 pa.

    That’s good and easy money. And if we’re making that bsort of $, then it’s just a matter of allocating more resources to build another 200 sites – and there’s $1 million.

    I like the range of things we do – eggs in lots of baskets because some will break along the way.

    Hope that’s of some interest.

  5. I think it’s very doable as I replaced a 6 digit income as a director of software engineering with a single web site. Got a few more creeping up the pay scale as we speak which is why i’m a believer 😉

  6. Aaron Pratt says:
    “I believe people inflate their earnings just as the do their penis size. ”

    Andrew Johnson says:
    “and this industry isn’t shrinking, its growing.”

    Pun intended?

    Funny I really don’t see much mention of selling the damn things. Buy a site, say for $5,000 you pick up a gem, if you work hard and know what you’re doing you could be earning say $2,000 per day after 3 months. Continue at that rate for 9 months and you’ve got $540,000 earned roughly (plus whatever you made in the first three months), now sell the site. Even at 10x monthly revenue that’s 600k. You’re at 1.04 million.

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