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The Jim Boykin Best SEO Company Award – You could win a listing – Advertise Today. 

Jim Boykin will now be offering Internet Marketing Awards to the Top Internet Marketing Companies on the web. He will list the top 10 on a special Award Web page, and will also publish a book which will list of the top 100 internet marketing firms. 

To coincide with this, Jim is also starting advertising on and on all award pages of the websites, as well as he will be selling advertising in the book of best internet marketing companies.

  • Prices for advertising will be $1000 if you’re a "great big company" and can afford the advertising, and think this is a great idea.
  • Prices will be $100 for smaller companies who of course aren’t as "Great" as the big companies who can afford bigger advertising, but hey, you just might make the top 100.
  • Advertising will be limited to 100 companies.
  • My friends will get in for free if they shoot me over some links.
  • Popular Blogger need not pay, you’ll probably be somewhere in the top 100, and if you’ve got lots of readers, you might even make the top 10.

I’m calling this list the "Best SEO Companies in the World at Internet Marketing", but here’s how I’m going to rank these companies. The biggest few advertisors will have the best chances of ranking the highest, then of course, the popular internet bloggers will come next (hey, I need to get the news of my list out there), then I’ll thow in some big names who were too cheap to advertise with me, but we all know these "big" names, so I’ll throw them in so my list looks legit…then I’ll throw in the other small advertisors and friends just sprinkeld around (since I really don’t have time to figure how to rank them).  If you’re a "real" competitor of my company, who isn’t willing to pay for advertising, don’t plan on making my list.

Oh, did I forgetget to mention that of course, "We Build Pages" will be #1 in this list…don’t let that bother you though, If you’ve got eneough money, or blog readers, or money, you still might make the top 100 or even the top 10. 

Please paypay your bribe…opps, I meant "advertising money" to [email protected] 

***fyi, just in case you didn’t catch this, this is just a joke post where I’m poking fun at all the awards and books on "best SEO companies" that are out there which are riddled with ads from the "winners".*** 

Have you ever won awards like this?


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  1. Hehe. I had a really good laugh on that one. Hm.. I am so bad in SEO’ing that I of course can’t afford the bribe.. ehm.. advertisement. Maybe you will mention me in the book as horrible at SEO’ing, but at least annoying as hell?

    This reminds me when I was invited to some society in the US, where they had this listing of excellent business people – or whatever it was.. It was not a paid listing, but they did not mind “supporting” the list. I had a good laugh then too 🙂

  2. Rand, don’t worry – You’ll be #2 – you’re a great blogger, and if you blog all about how you won the #2 spot then you’ve got it 😉 (more press for me at #1 😉

    Esoos – Great point!

    Bjorn – interesting idea….now I’m thinking maybe I should do a list of the 100 worst SEO Companies, and if anyone advertises with me I’ll make sure they’re NOT on the list…hehe

  3. Some very good points!
    Esoos – very observant! I bet there are a lot of large companies like Google that would love to make a page about all their awards. A blog like Jim’s or Aaron’s I’d suggest has a brand they’d be proud to receive an award from. Of course, Jim & Aaron’s integrity is on the line & they already have strong brands for a reason . . . couldn’t hurt though.

    Worst 100 List – publicity is publicity.

    So . . . where’s your awards page Jim?

  4. J,

    Will your awards be separated by category, or will bloggers be listed beside grandiose seo companies? I’m wondering where the independent consultants fit in?? 😉

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