17 Dec 2006

5 Things you didn’t know about Jim Boykin

So I’m sure most of you have seen lots of bloggers doing the "5 things you didn’t know about me post" that’s also a "tag" game.  I believe this game was started by Jeff Pulver and it’s been working its way around to so many SEO bloggers that I just can’t name them all….Luckily, Michael Jensen started a tag tree showing the progress of this tag game.

I’ve been tagged by Graywolf, Stuntdubl, SEO4Fun, and SEO Igloo (btw, nice article on What to expect with Custom Web Design).

So here goes my 5 Things you didn’t know about Jim Boykin

1. Ever since Back to the Future came out, I’ve wanted a Delorean Car.  I keep watching ebay motors for Delorean’s (range from $14k – $45k)…but so far, all I’ve got is 3 Back to the Future car models….one day. And FYI, I’ve never owned a new car in my life.

2. I keep several bird feeders around the house, and I love watching the birds and squirrels with my 2 year old son Sam….kinda funny since as a kid we used to shoot squirrels behind my house (and eat squirrels too). I later turned into a hippy and don’t believe in shooting animals.

3. Between 93 and 98 I did 4 round trips around the country working mostly in national parks. I’ve been in every state except Hawaii. It was great fun, but I can also think of at least three times when I thought I was going to die during those travels, but luck was somehow there each time and as you can see, I’m still kicking.

4. I collect Famous People’s hair. Check this out. These are displayed in our Board Room at work. During our meetings I feel like we’re surrounded by some of the world greats.

5. I still work at least 80 hours each week….not that I have to, it’s just an addiction. I work at least an hour on the computer before I go to work, I work 8 hours at work, and I work most nights between 10pm and 2am. I sleep between 4 and 6 hours most night. I also work Sat and Sun about 10 hours each day.

I’m going to pull a Rand, and not nominate others…since I’m not sure who’s been tagged and who hasn’t.