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SES NYC Charity Party on Wed 24th.

Next week Chuck and I will be at Search Engine Strategies (SES) in New York City (March 22-26th).

I’ll be speaking on Wednesday the 24th from 3:45 – 4:45 on “Link Building – Methods and Risk, Free to Paid”

It will be similar to the the presentation that I gave in London last month which seemed to be received pretty well.

I was looking over the party schedule last week…and it didn’t look like much of a party schedule… Bing is sponsoring a cocktail hour on Tuesday from  5:45 – 6:45 at the expo hall…and on Wednesday night from 6-7 at the Bridges Bar at the Hilton there’s the  “White Hat Black Hat: Unconferenced”…which should be interesting…if you can hear what’s being said (I’ve been to some of these “sessions” in bars, where if you’re not in the “inner circle” you can’t hear anything being said)…

and that was about it for “parties” going on… just didn’t seem right….Seems like we were missing a good ole night party…and a chance to help a charity…

So…I figured they needed another party…and hey,  we can also help a charity in the process.  Since this is pretty last minute (one week away) we’re going to keep this pretty simple… don’t even think  we’ll do drawings, or have a mic…and instead of the normal $50 to get in, we’re going to lower it to $30.

For $30 you get in, and you can drink all the Beer, Wine, or Soda that you’d like (between 8 and 10), and We Build Pages will pay for it. We’ll also have a bunch of Hors D’oeuvres for everyone. After 10:00 you have to buy your own drinks.

Every penny of everyones $30 entrance fee will be going to Common Ground, whom are based out of NYC and who’s mission is to end homelessness.

We’re limited to only 100 tickets, so this will sell out for sure. At the end of my presentation on Wed I’ll announce where you can get your tickets (we’ll hook up with someone who has an exhibit booth and sell tickets for an hour at that booth…not sure where yet)

232 W. 48th Street

The party will be upstairs. I hope to see you there!

I’m Feeling Lucky,


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  1. “Bing is sponsoring a cocktail hour”. I have an opening for a sponsor like that tomorrow at 6. if you want to put in a good word for me.
    I like the theme i see here of giving back.

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