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London SES Feedback on Link Building Methods and Risks

Last week I spoke in London at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference about “Link Building – Methods and Risks”.

I was lucky in that I had a 1 hours time slot all to myself, rather than the usual 10-15 minutes that one normally gets when you’re on a panel with others.

I’ve often felt that at conferences where a speaker only gets 10-15 minutes, that you tend to get an “introduction” to a topic…when often, what I’m seeking, is not an “introduction”, but “Here’s what’s important, here’s why, here’s what to do, and here’s how to do it”….at least with an hour I can get a ways beyond “introduction” and more into the “dirt” of the topic. At Hostingcon, SEO Class, and Internet Marketing Ninjas I often had an hour or more of talking time….and I always preferred that over 10-15 minutes of talking time…sheeet…when it comes to links, I can talk all day and all night….

For my talk, I split my time between “Link buying – methods and risks”, and “Trust Bait for Links”. I also talked about some of my ideas on how trust flows through sites, and  my values of different types of links. I also showed how content can get great links, and some ways to do this.   It was great to go a bit deeper into my topic of love (link building)…and I could have talked for hours if they’d of let me.

But in any case, I had a great time, met some great folks, and I can’t wait to get back to the UK again. I also had some nice things said on twitter about my presentation that I thought I’d share (and use for a selling point for those future conferences which I’m seeking to speak on)

philipmorganI think @avinashkaushik and Jim Boykin @webuildpages stole the show at #ses – really enjoyed both, some awesome tips shared by both.
MartinHayman: Enjoyed SES but was gutted that JimBoykin had to rush at the enddue to lack of time… great link building advice… wanted more.

palbocino2nd day at #seslondon better than the 1st. Bryan Eisenberg, Lysa Meyers and Jim Boykin gave a lot of food for thought.

RelevancyStreamAnother good day at #ses great keynote this morning and an awesome linkbuilding session by Jim Boykin.Thanks guys

SEOMalc: Jim Boykin: It’s all about quality / trust over quantity.

: @webuildpages Best presentation of ses2010 so far! #seskey
davedewar: @RelevancyStream Came across just how much @jimboykin loves his job!

JessicaWHealy: RT @evolutionuk: #SESKEY I think we all could had done with another hour with jim from @webuildpages.

evolutionuk#SESKEY I think we all could had done with another hour with jim from @webuildpages.

JessicaWHealy:RT @RedwebSearch:@webuildpages Best presentation of ses2010 so far! #seskey

I’ll be doing a very similar presentation at SES NYC next month, so if you didn’t catch the London show, Come to NYC SES …I’m speaking on the 24th.
If you’d like to talk to me about speaking at your conference contact my first name at
Cheers!  I’m Feeling Lucky,

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  1. Jim, I absolutely LOVED your session at SES London. Your enthusiasm was as infectious as your advice. Singularly the most entertaining speaker there, and boy you know your stuff. I’ve put some points to work already, with early success. Brilliant, just brilliant, thank you.

  2. “Do you work for Google?”…. “Do you work for Google?”….

    Your talk was indeed one of the SES London highlights. In all honesty the fact that it was only you for 1 hour was the main reason I attended over the Real Time SEO talk. I prayed you would go beyond the whole “This is a link”, “This is anchor text”, “Links are like votes”… and you certainly delivered.

    Any news on future tools?


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