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How to *Easily* Add Slideshare to Your Content Marketing Channels

There are so many tools out there that small businesses can exploit to improve everything from sales to visibility. There are even more that are under-utilized, and have a greater impact than most might realize. One of the best examples of one of those lesser-used tools is Slideshare.

Presentations are an important part of any business structure. From creating plans to present to investors and partners, to showing new features or marketing to customers, there are many ways that Slideshare can help. You just have to know the best way to make the most out of the tool.

Here are three ways to do just that, each one so simple you will wonder why you aren’t already taking advantage of them.

SlideShare Use #1: Repackage Old Content

Of all of the tips on this list, this is sure to be the most useful. The most successful content strategies aren’t just creating new content. They are also “renewing” the old content in order to milk more from previous work. And no, this is not about rewriting the old content in different words 🙂

It’s about turning your content in a new format, thus re-packaging

With SlideShare, you can easily take snippets from old blog posts, ebooks or articles, or even screenshots from videos or talking points from speeches, and make a slideshow. This reuses the content you have previously made, but gives it a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. You will be able to find a whole new crowd to market it to, with a fraction of the work involved.

Here’s a good example of me using text content + screenshots to turn into the presentation (anyone can download to print or take home = useful!)

SlideShare Use #2: Create Ultra Simple Tutorials

Everyone loves a good tutorial, right? SlideShare is a great way to offering simple how-to pieces that give a visual representation of each step, without using a video. That lets others follow along without having to pause or rewind anything. A major benefit that attracts any readers. Here’s one of my more popular Slideshares, and it got hot simply because it gave the information everyone knew in a very simple, clear way:

Presentations appeal to the skimmers, because it provides easily viewed and retained information in bitesize form. If you can present a concept within a couple of frames, people will  be more likely to view it until the end. Add in images and graphics and you have a great way to keep their attention.

Make sure to put in a watermark, introduce yourself, your site or your brand at the beginning, and offer links to other tips back on your site or social media profiles. That makes it a valuable marketing tool that people are likely to share.

[Tip: Here’s how to make your links clickable in Slideshare]

SlideShare Use #3: Re-Connect with Your Followers

The best part is that SlideShare has its very own community, and plenty of devotees. Posting there could potentially get you on the front page, or at least make your slideshow a suggested one for people who are already viewing content from within your niche. It makes a great additional source of exposure!

Plenty of industries use SlideShare, but some are more frequently seen there than others. Business niches, for example, especially those related to marketing that have realized the potential of the tool. Which means you can find many people within that niche already there, checking out the slideshows posted and sharing it with others they know.

If you happen to be part of an industry that is heavily represented on SlideShare, use it to reconnect to your followers: That always works well for creating #beeverywhere illusion!

Start making connections with others, and check out what they have posted. Not only is it a way to start a dialogue, but it might also spark inspiration for future slideshows you can publish on the site.

It also gets you into search results and it’s well-hooked to your Linkedin account as well! More things with your name or brand attached on more high ranked Google slots means a greater chance of being found.


SlideShare is a great tool, if you know how to use it. Have you tried it out yourself? Do you have any tips to provide on making the perfect slideshow that will get people’s interest burning? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Hi Ann, I use SlideShares as an end of the week round up just so the lazy people can skim through our latest posts. Anything more than 10 slides will defeat the object i think? They should be quick, easy to read and straight to the point. SlideShares = The lazy readers blog post!

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