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10 Blogging Podcasts To Subscribe To

You have been trying for months to give your blog a new edge. You are trying every trick, creating good content, exploiting your social media profiles, connecting with other bloggers, writing regularly, establishing newsletters and pushing for email subscriptions, and the list goes on and on. Welcome to the world of blogging as it stands today; you both have endless tools to get noticed, and less of a chance of breaking through thanks to the sheer size of the industry.

Who would have thought that one of the resources you should be checking out isn’t a blog or book, but a podcast?

Podcasts are kind of the ‘it’ thing now, but they aren’t a passing fad. These amazing little clips of content are one of the greatest ways of passing along information to a wider audience than the usual blog reading crowd. They have become so popular now that they have gone full meta: blogs are now offering podcasts about blogging.

If you haven’t checked these ones out, you really need to.

How They Blog

Learn from the experiences of those who have already managed to launch and grow successful blogs across the web. This podcast is hosted by a woman named Kat who brings together some of the most famous names in the blogging industry.

She asks them to explain how they accomplished a goal, whether that was driving traffic, monetizing their site, or increasing their presence on a social media platform like Pinterest. As of this writing, there are thirty-six episodes available for download. Kat also offers a free blogging ecourse you can check out.

Hector Cuevas’ Blog Marketing Podcast

While it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, this nineteen part series on marketing through blogging is a great introduction to the basics, and a couple of intermediate and advanced tips that are still relevant today. From SEO, to affiliate marketing, to ad revenue, to automation, there is a lot covered here.

All of it is more business focused, such as growing your blog as a business in and of itself. But it can be integrated with any growth model and still give you a lot of effective tactics to check out. Best of all, he introduces each concept in such a thorough way that you finish every episode feeling like an expert, and ready to put his advice into practice.

Blogging with PassionBlogging Your Passion

What is the number one way to ensure you always write engaging, high quality content people want to read? By blogging about things you are passionate about! That is what this podcast is all about, showing you how to focus your blog entirely on the things you are passionate about and love.

They cover content generation, marketing, monetization, increasing visibility, social aspects and a whole lot more. Much of it is presented through the use of case study examples, and breaking down how to best take what others have done and make it work for you.

Learning With LeslieLearning With Leslie

Leslie Samuel is best known for two things: Become A Blogger, and the Interactive Biology Blog. Through his years of experience, he wants to help teach you all about how he did it, and how you can do it. But more than that, he wants to show you that the world can be changed through one blog at a time.

His mission is to show everyone what a powerful force the internet, and our use of it, can be. It is a heartwarming message, with a lot of great advice and a focus on education.

The Smart Passive Income PodcastThe Smart Passive Income Podcast

One of the primary reasons people seek to monetize their blog is to create a passive income that can build over time. Pat Flynn, owner of The Smart Passive Income Blog, has been doing just that for years.

Now his podcast is going to guide you through the process, including looking at some lesser known or used methods of gaining a passive income online. He updates regularly, and there are already more than a hundred episodes available. It is a must-subscribe podcast for anyone who wants to earn money online.

Wordpress Plugins A-ZWordPress Plugins A-Z

WordPress plugins are a dime a dozen, and the number keeps growing every day. Most are user generated, which creates a problem…not all of them are good. In fact, some can be improperly coded enough to be dangerous to your blog if installed, or even purposefully harmful. How do you know for sure which ones are good and which shoiuld be avoided?

These guys go through WordPress plugins to test them out for you, and recommend the best of the bunch. You will never have to rely on luck again, or risk trying out a bad seed that can cause you to have to revert to a backup. Plus, it is a great way to be introduced to plugins you never knew about.

The Lively Show

This is a unique show that is different than others on this list. Jess Lively believes in finding balance in life to add extra meaning and intention to our days.

She discusses this concept with others on her show, and occasionally topics like online business and blogging are a part of it. She has had a number of famous bloggers on to talk, which are always worth checking out. But her show in general is charming, and a lot of fun to listen to.

New Rainmaker

Everyone knows Copyblogger. This podcast is run by Brian Clark of that very site, and focuses on a realistic and effective approach to marketing, as it remains in context today.

One of the great things about this podcast is that it isn’t recorded on a regular schedule. Brian only creates one when he has something worth giving to the listener, so every single episode is a gem.

After The JumpAfter The Jump

People say that taking the first jump into blogging or online business is the hardest part. It isn’t, that is just the part that takes the most bravery. The hardest part is the difficult work that comes after.

This podcast gives you the tools you need to improve your blog, and your visibility, for consistent growth. It is held once a week by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, and features many other bloggers for interviews, as well.

Blogging With WordPressBlogging With WordPress

This is a super simple set of ten podcast episodes that is an introduction for beginners on blogging with WordPress. But it could be used by people who are more experienced that want very direct and actionable advice on their own blogging journey. It is hosted by Shawn Ozbun, and definitely worth listening to. Especially if your primary concern is marketing, and the tools you need to do it. He covers that a lot, as he is a marketer himself with a lot of experience in online marketing for blogs in particular.

There are so many podcasts out there that could technically be useful to bloggers, even if they are not directly about blogging. We would love to hear some of your own favorites, so let us now in the comments.


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  1. A lot new folks coming into the blogosphere think its an easy affair and soon easily give up. But when you do it with PASSION as stated above, it becomes something you do with interest and it will just keep going on and on. As for the best blogging platform, WordPress still gets 100%

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