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Cool Tools & Plugin to Help You Run Better A/B Split Tests

Conversion optimization has risen to prominence in the last couple years. Where in the past, Google website optimizer was the only solution for those seeking to do testing themselves, there is now a plethora of conversion optimization software out there for those seeking to try their hand at conversion optimization themselves. Often times what intimidates beginners the most about doing any kind of testing is the statistics involved in running a valid test. Although many would be testers do not know it, there some neat tools to help with the statistical component of conversion testing.

Fun Calculators

Chi – Squared Statistical Significance Calculators

Chi Squared Calculators are useful for identifying if your test is statically significant enough, if there is 95% confidence in the result,  to determine which of the pages included in the test should be declared as a winner.There are lots of these on the market. Two popular versions of this calculator are the user effects split test calculator and imarketing tools’ chi squared tool

Visual Website Optimizer Test Duration Tool

Visual website optimizer has a nice list of free a/b split testing tools, which are fun to play with if you’re a beginner. One of the really cool ones is their test duration calculator. The test duration calculator helps you find out the number of days that you will need to run your a/b split test in order to get reliable results. Although the length of time that you should run your test depends on a variety of external factors, this tool can help you get a ballpark number.

Cool Plugins

A/B Theme Testing  WordPress Plugin

This is a neat tool for anyone with a wordpress site seeking to do some A/B testing. This plugin rotates themes to assign them evenly between visitors. You can upload two or more themes that you want to test to your wordpress site and then split impressions between visitors for testing. Check out the WordPress split testing plugin here.

A/Bingo for AB testing with Ruby on Rails

Rails is getting really popular, especially for larger sites. A/Bingo is a ruby on rails testing framework which was written as a plugin. A/Bingo should work both Rails 2.3 and 3.0. Worth a spin, if you want to test on a Rails site. Check out ABingo for testing Here.

Any cool testing tools I missed? Let me know =)


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  1. Great post!

    If you have a spare minute you should check out (shameless plug) OptinSkin. I wont paste the link, but it’s the first result in Google. You can split-test opt-in forms anywhere on your blog and get more conversions with the same traffic. I think it would do well for the traffic you guys are getting here (and compliment the post)

    P.S. To Jim, really liking the new brand and focus. Congrats 🙂

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