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Category: Panda Update
31 Jul 2015

Google Panda Recovery: Panda 4.2 Solutions (Part 3) @ Jim & Ann Show

If you’ve been hit by Panda, there are various specific solution on how you can recover. Note: take our 2-second survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper! Please watch our previous two Panda episodes: Google Panda Update Explained: Panda 4.2 (Part 1) Jim & Ann Show Panda 4.2 (Part 2) Signals You Should Be Looking at: Jim and Ann Show We are covering the solutions as well… [Read More…]

30 Jul 2015

Panda 4.2 (Part 2) Signals You Should Be Looking at: Jim and Ann Show

Please take our 2-second survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper! We’ve talked about some click-through and bounce rate signals Google may be analyzing to get an idea of how well a web page serves a user. It’s only logical to assume that these signals may be used in Google Panda algorithm as well: Pogosticking Not every bounce is bad… When a user clicks on a search… [Read More…]

29 Jul 2015

Google Panda Update Explained: Panda 4.2 (Part 1) Jim & Ann Show

We are very familiar with Panda updates because we’ve seen plenty of them and Internet Marketing Ninjas have been helping clients hit by Panda for ages. Note: take our 2-second survey to download a free copy of Ninjas’ Panda Whitepaper! Panda 4.2 Unlike all the previous Panda Updates, this one came unnoticed: Website owners are having a bad time seeing any impact even after the official announcement. Google has been… [Read More…]

23 Jul 2015

Google Panda is Slowly Refreshing: Download Our Free Panda Whitepaper by @JimBoykin

Ten months after the last Panda refresh, Google announced yesterday that they had actually begun rolling out another Panda refresh this past weekend. They proceeded to say that the rollout might last months. This means its effects will be drawn-out and potentially more difficult to diagnose. The refresh impacted between 2% and 3% of English queries. Due to the nature of this latest refresh, websites that have addressed issues following… [Read More…]

15 Jun 2015

While Waiting for Google Panda, We Are Giving Away Our In-depth Panda Whitepaper

On June 2 at SMX Advanced Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes announced that the next Google Panda update was going to happen within 2 to four weeks (Which sounds like one of these days already) Panda is one of the most complicated (in terms of recovery) Google algorithm updates. It may take months and months to recover and lots of work on on-site content. Are you worried? We’d love… [Read More…]

15 Apr 2015

Panda Penalized and You Think Removing 15% will Recover You. I Don’t Think So.

Today I had a consulting call with a major company (over 100 million in revenue) whom had suffered a major Panda 4.1 hit back in September. They are still in the Panda Hell Land today….and they’re waiting for the next Panda Refresh….fingers crossed that they will “recover”. I asked them about the changes they’ve made so far…and there were a few edits, but the biggest thing that they’ve done was… [Read More…]

29 May 2014

5 “Panda Proof” Internal Linking Strategies

Last week Panda 4.0 rolled out and along with it a lot of new analysis as to what can trigger it. I started to write up my own analysis today, but decided to table that until next week when I can collect more data. However, in the meantime I think we should still talk about Panda. But instead of hashing out how to escape this filter, I would rather talk… [Read More…]

27 Jan 2012

Panda 3.2 Refreshes: Hope for the Future?

Yesterday Search Engine Land reported confirmation from Google that Panda 3.2 happened about a week ago. After a fairly long break it seemed another change was imminent at some point. But what’s interesting about this report is that Google noted this as a “data refresh”. So what does that mean? Well, some individuals in Webmasterworld reported seeing a rebound in traffic around the time frame of the 3.2 update. Of… [Read More…]

17 Nov 2011

Google says “Add 3 ad units to Prominent Sections of your Pages”…so we can penalize you with Panda!

I have Google Adsense on some websites I own…and each month I get messages in my adsense account that look just like this….scroll down to see their email they send me every month…. Back to Jim’s Rant: This is just deplorable in the age of the Google Panda Updates! How can Google still hand out advice telling me to add 3 ad units to all my pages, and to use… [Read More…]

26 May 2011

Google Panda Update: Your Site is Going to Survive (funny)

I was on my way home tonight listening to an old mix CD I have when I heard an old Hank Williams Jr song called  “Country Boy Can Survive.”…. and since my mind is so immersed in this Google Panda Update…I started playing with the lyrics for fun… I ended up reworking the lyrics…and it ended up being a song to the 12 sites that we’re working with that have… [Read More…]

18 May 2011

Google Panda Update: Content + Design = Usable, trustworthy websites

Google Panda Update:  Content + Design = Usable, trustworthy websites I stole the headline “Content + Design = Usable, trustworthy websites” from Chris Trude‘s comment in a thread by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Derek wrote a great post, where he talks about a study in which people were asked to search and then record if they trusted or distrusted the sites they found… and if they distrusted those sites,… [Read More…]

12 May 2011

Google Agent Rank and Reputational Scores…It’s About Content and Writers and Panda!

Let’s Learn Agent Rank and Reputational Scores…it’s about Content and Writers and Panda. So here we are, almost 3 months since the “Big” Panda Poop of Feb 24th…and still, no light at the end of the tunnel for those who got pooped on by the Panda Update. It’s 1:40am…and I still have a few posts in my head, and I can’t sleep until I get at least one of them… [Read More…]

10 May 2011

Losing Clients to Panda. I Just Lost $17,500/month.

Google Panda Update: Losing Clients to Panda. Just lost me $17,500/month. This week I lost 3 clients…these 3 clients were all hit by the April Panda Update. Client #1 – They’re convinced that they were not hit by Panda. I even did a post, showing analytics of 5 sites that were hit by the April Panda Update…but even when I showed those charts to this client (saying, “Hey, You’re site… [Read More…]