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When SEO’s Attack.

When SEO’s Attack! SEO’s fighting each other – WHY?

Does every group need some people to kick so that the others feel better about themselves?  I think that sometimes in our world of blogs and forums that tones can be mistaken, and words are easily misinterpreted.

I know there’s some SEO’s who hate me – there’s some SEO’s who I’m not too found of as well….but I really try not say things like "SEO Bob is an ass" (no offense if there is an SEO Bob out there) in a public forum.

Sure, I’ve felt I’ve been "attacked" before – who hasn’t? And sure, I’ve had the occasion to have to jump into a forum to try to defend my name or my company….but luckily it’s been a long time since I’ve had to do that.

When attacked…well, sometimes I’ve jumped in…and sometimes I’ve ignored it. Over the years I’ve seen my share of SEO’s kicking at other SEO’s….

What’s the correct form if you feel you’re being "attacked"? Is it best to ignor, or to attack back?

Advice: before you attack, or before you attack back, call up that person and have a chat. Getting involved in a public bitch fest isn’t good for anyone involved, and most of the time, it all comes from a misunderstanding.

Why must SEO’s attack each other? Can’t we all just bitch at Google? (but Matt does a great job of making even that hard to do).


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  1. There are lots of reasons to attack. The most obvious is, they attack when attacked. I’ve let a lot of criticisms go, but I also respond to a some criticisms when I feel a response is necessary.

    Sometimes attacking somebody is the pompous thing to do. You know, generate controversy, make it look like your opinion counts.

    And sometimes it’s the right thing to do. You know, moral integrity. Traffic Power comes to mind.

    All in all, I really don’t see the virtue in getting along. Much more virtue in open debate than there is in pandering to the establishment, IMO.


  2. Well, John, I guess this gets into the difference between attack / counterattack and simple debate and difference of opinion. Of course, one can be mistaken for the other, and sometimes a jab in good fun is worthwhile (though once more, can be mistaken).

    Of course, flaming can go a bit far. Frankly, halfway through Jim’s post I couldn’t help but think of the “Arguing on the Internet” picture (do a GIS on that phrase if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

  3. I guess I’ve always assumed that the best way to go about responding to an attack is come up with something that makes it evident that the attacker is a stupid jerk, but without attacking them directly.

    ie, someone says:

    “Jim, you suck.”

    and you respond:

    “Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what you were trying to say, since you obviously misspelled that last word. ‘You duck?’ As in, I’m really good at letting things roll of my back? ‘You cluck?’ As in sometimes I say nutty things? ‘I worship the ground you walk on’? Sorry, but I really don’t deserve any special praise from you…”

  4. Seos are a lot sneakier than most when it comes to attacks. And the attacks are often done in a lasting and vicious manner. Ever since I’ve started in the business, there hasn’t been a day without senseless wars all around me regarding who has more expertise or who knows more. We are all following the search engines, so get real seos. The goal should be to establish a strong web presence overall and not to bend over for anyone to keep your websites up there for yet another day.

    – Mike Dammann

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