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Monday morning SEO reads, and LinkedIn.

Just wanted to touch on a few things going on this Monday morning.


This weekend I had 3 people ask me to join their LinkedIn network…kinda strange as no one has asked me in 3 months, and then 3 requests over the weekend…must be making some type of SEO rounds. I’ve got 19 contacts…nothing big…but if you’re interested in being in my network, my email is my first name at

Ask internet marketing test.


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  1. Ah.. calls to action in the SERPs. I mentioned this @ WMW about a year ago and was practically laughed out of the thread. Gla to see the theory making the rounds again. I’ve only used the technique w/ ecommerce sites, so I’d be interested to see how it works for you. How about a follow-up post?

  2. I’ve seen that effect on LinkedIn as well. You get an invite from someone and then check out your account and realize you haven’t updated in a long time. Others do the same and it spreads.

    Thanks for joining my little LinkedIn party Jim.

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