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Tattoos and Ebay and Google

I’m an ebay junkie…I’ll admit it (you too?)

Some of my saved searches are for "google", "Napster" , and a few "family" related searches.

Today I came across this listing "Tattoo me / nike wwe google all corporations welcome"

dunno….guess that’s one way to make a lot of money….


I’ve got a tattoo on my arm of the "Eye of Horus" that I got a few years ago in exchange for some internet marketing work for a local Tattoo parlor.  (Yea, I waited until I was 33 to get a Tattoo).

Back in 2003 We Build Pages was at #2 for "internet marketing" for about 4 months in Google…and back then I said "If we make #1, I’m going to get another tattoo that reads "I’m Feeling Lucky" on my other arm"….but we never reached #1.


Do you have Tattoo’s? What are they of?


4 Responses

  1. I’ve got a really nice big biomechanical dragon tattooed on my upper right quarter of my back in full color. Took two sittings to complete, about 5 hours total.

  2. Seriously, a face tattoo would totally be worth the $20k for a gambling or porn site. Not only would you get all the “hits” from people looking at his face, but just think of the link bait!

    In fact, I might conctact some of my friends abou this idea.

  3. Two tattoos
    1) an eagle clinching a skull, i got when i was 17
    2) a huge rose (top of my shoulder to my elbow) with my kids (5) names in a ribbon around the stem, i got two months ago.

  4. I’m go in of tatoo’s too. I have a tatoo with a big lion on my spin. Also I have a catalogue with tatoo’s where about 10 thousands pictures.

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