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3 way linking – 2 years old.

Funny….I was just reading about a conversation I had with Barry Schwartz 2 years ago. Back then I asked Barry not to disclose my name if he blogged about it for fear of Google coming after me for what I was doing……it’s been just over 2 years…and we’ve moved into what I hope are "better directions" than what I was discussing back then….but it was basically the beginning what what soon became known as "3 way linking" or "Triangular linking".




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  1. I should follow with with the interview I did with Barry a month later. Barry asks me on my thoughts about the “pyramid linking strategies” from my own “secret” interview prior….I tried to throw the scent off the other person being me….and addressed some things I felt Barry interperted different than I felt in my talks with him prior.
    here’s that inteview with Barry in July 2004:

  2. Hello Jim,
    Your post made me curious to know when 3 way linking was first being used. I used it over 5 years ago while working from an online pharmacy company in Raleigh.

    We even called it 3-way linking back then, which would’ve been about 2000-2001. We just didn’t publicize or write about it. Maybe we would’ve, but blogs were pretty much non-existentin those days.

    At one time we had 9 or 10 Dmoz editor positions, around 18-20 of our own sites in their directory, 350 web sites we sold stuff from, and a nice little 3-way link network going.

    The network got whacked after I left and when they thought it would be smart to start adding reciprocal links to the homepage of many of those same sites.

    In other words, they closed the linking loop, causing major site casulties 🙂

  3. This is a question from me – sorry but can you help?

    Could you please explain to me what 3-way Linking is and how does it work?

    I just heard about this 1 strategy – on my website I will have an index.htm page with a sale letter and an optin on it, and when prospects optin they are brought to 2nd page to download the Thank you page with a freebie. The 2nd page is located at index2.htm which link back to index.htm

    So is this 3-way linking?

  4. emm no.

    3-way linking is a way to link between websites, webmasters, SEO’s etc started using it after search engines started to crack down on link exchanges, as in I link to your website and you link to mine, search engine started considering it an “unethical” way to get link pointing to your website.

    So, people started 3-way linking, as in I like to website B from website A, and website B links to another website I own and lets call it website C. That way, there is no direct link between any 2 websites. Hope I’ve explained it 🙂

  5. Thank you Sohaib, for helping me out there.

    Appreciate it! I know I can count in this blog!
    With Thanks from May

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