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Debating on London SES in 10 days.

So I was looking at my conference schedule, and I was crossing some off my list. We’ve got a baby due Nov 16th, so the following 3 shows are out.

I’ll still be at HostingCon July 17-19th & SES San Jose Aug 7-10.

I wasn’t planning on going to the SES London May 31-June 2 ….but as I was crossing the 3 other shows off my list, I suddenly felt like I should attend the SES London (in 10 days)…. Aaron was going to have another Threadwatch Pubcon (that link is to the 2005 event) just before the SES….but looks like they might not have it this year? or is it tool late to plan that (Aaron??)

I guess I’ve got less than one week to decide on London….if there were a threadwatch gathering right around that time it’d help with my decision….. but again…I’ve got tons of stuff to do here…..I’m not speaking at SES London….but I could meet people like AlanKen, and Ammon, (3 people I’ve never met, but would really like to)…I could also spread the word of our new content creation services (to be released June 15th), and might make some good deals or form some nice relationships while I’m there….

Do I go…do I stay….dang….I don’t know.


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  1. That sucks about not being able to attend the Chicago SES Show in December. I look forward to your sessions each time I’m lucky enough to attend. Are you still planning on being in San Jose for the August SES?

    BTW, Congrats on the upcoming baby!

  2. A Threadwatch meet before SES London would have justified it for myself – but at present my own schedule is pretty tight and decided against SES London for this year.

  3. Well I have dental work, and am flying out twice within a week space of thaht time. It is hard for me to think I will be able to go.

  4. Come on guys, buck up. Ya’ll can finally make it to a (Not a PubCon) SEO meetup. Aaron I owe you about 3 meals at this point, I need to pick up a tab.

  5. Come on Jim, you’ve gotta come you know that the London SEO boys are holding a party on the first of June. Aaron – Surely you can squeeze this one in?! Hopefully see you next week!

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