16 Feb 2007

Links as Pennies and Old Ben Franklins.

Links as Pennies and Old Ben Franklins

I was just listening to Chuck Price (Sales and Mgmt at WBP) on the phone with a prospective client. At one point he was explaining how it’s not all about the number of links that makes the difference, it’s the quality of those numbers that matters.

He used an analogy of something like this:

Links are like currency and coins. Not all coins are equal. 25 pennies (0.01 each) do not equal an old Ben Franklin ($100.00).

I about fell out of my seat laughing – it’s so true and that’s a great way to think about links!

I might add though….

"And a link that might be a penny to you, could be a $100.00 to someone else’s site, and vice versa."