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Lee Odden Interviewed and Link Bait thoughts.

If you’re into SEO, then I’m sure you know the name Lee Odden. Lee’s the brains behind one of the most popular SEO Blogs – Online Marketing Blog.

Lee was just interviewed by Aaron Pratt (who’s been doing some interviews with many big SEO names).

At one point, Aaron asks Lee for his advice on one of Aarons “water garden” sites, and Lee gives some excellent ideas (and linkbait):

  • Write a series of top ten or top five lists. Example: “The top 5 mistakes people make when designing a water garden.
  • Write a more extensive how-to and make it available in PDF format.
  • Write an optimized release about the “Top 5 things” with supporting industry information, and quotes from you and another source. Include a link from the release to your extensive How-To as an available download, but they need to visit your water garden site to get it.
  • Distribute the release through online wire services like PRWeb and
  • Contact other bloggers that write on the topic of water gardens to let them know about the series of top ten or top 5 things you’ve written for feedback.
  • Write to journalists that cover home and garden topics for popular online publications to see if they might be interested in publishing your how-to article. Include a link to your press release and a link to your blog in the request.
  • Do some social bookmarking of your own articles along with other good resources. When any of your articles appear on other websites or blogs, be sure to bookmark them with, Furl, etc.
  • Send some of your articles with links embedded, to article syndication or submission services.

See the whole Lee Odden Interview.

Speaking of Link Bait ideas….Rand’s thinking of offering Link Bait services, and I’ve been thinking of it too.

How much is brainstorming link bait ideas worth? How would you charge for “link bait consulting”?


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