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Funny story, and Freelance Services Question.

I was talking to Sean (my design manager) this morning about totally redoing the Webuildpages homepage (words N’ all), when Amy comes to me and shows me this post on getafreelancer (one of our independent writers sent us the link).

At first I was pissed, then I lightened up and went in and placed a bid on the project.  Kinda funny eh?

On a similiar, but related note, Have you used services like getafreelancer (or services like them?)

If you have (now or in the past) ),(esp for any link building), please tell me your experiences.


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  1. I’ve used Rentacoder for some PHP and VB scripts. Found a great guy there and still work with him.

    I’ve also used Rentacoder for reciprocal linking, as well as Elance. For link building, you really get what you pay for. If you want a 100 incoming links for $100, you’ll get just that, but they won’t be anything special for sure. Basically, I’d use them for just getting some MSN/Yahoo! traffic.

    I’ve also used Elance for article building, which ‘ok’.

  2. WTF – And the guy wants to pay $20-$30?

    Hilariously, I saw the same type of posting from someone on that site who wanted to replicate the SEOmoz KW Difficulty tool – he was willing to pay $500, though, if I recall.

  3. I like your style Jim!

    I used to use Elance years ago and had terrific success with it (but not for link building).
    And thanks for a terrific resource by the way. Always enjoy your site.



  4. I’ve looked at elance and similiar sites, but not used them. I have had pretty good results using our local craigslist. It’s a good place to go for tech folks.

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