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I’ve got SEM.Jobs

I played around some today looking at the new .job domain name extentions.

These domains are still available

I passed on the above…but I ended up buying for $160.15 ($119.95/year + $39.95 application fee (yea, don’t ask me why math doesn’t add up)) from Godaddy.

Darn….I see is available….but I don’t have an address in europe (which you need in order to purchase a new .eu domain). (these are only $19.95/year)


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  1. No available yet Jim – still haven’t started the .eu sunrise period. During this (approx) 4 month period those with supporting documentation can make an application. First those with trademarks or public bodies, then limited companies. After this the Eu registry will open to the public. So still time to arrange that .eu you wanted…

  2. Jim – not quite exact… is available at Godaddy, but german “uniteddomains” has a waiting list for that already… not quite sure who’ll get it…


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