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GoDaddy and .Jobs issue fixed.

Due to my previous post about my problems trying to purchase SEM.Jobs at Godaddy,I was contacted yesterday by Ray Fassett of Employ Media LLC  (the company which operates the .Jobs domains) and we had a walk through the purchase process at Godaddy for buying a .Jobs domain name. Ray agreed that the process was misleading. Today he contacted me again to show me the new buying process for .Jobs at GoDaddy, and how there are now clear notes posted about the “rules”.

This has been added on the order page:

and the link for “.jobs Domain Name Rules” now clearly states:

Registrations must be, where companyname is either: (a) the legal trade name of the employer (minus identifiers such as “the” or “inc” or “gmbh” etc.); (b) a name by which the employer is commonly known; or (c) contains either (a) or (b).

Along with several examples.

Ray is also refunding my $40 application fee. I feel good that now other people won’t make the same “mistake” that I did now that Godaddy has much more clearly shown the “rules”.

Thanks Ray!


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