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Don’t you know it’s just more spam?

I wonder if they even know they’re spamming.

Don’t you just hate it when you send an email to some company and you instantly get the auto responder back saying "This is an auto-respond message to let you know we have received your email…."

Today I got one when I sent an email to Aplus.Net (hosting company), but is not unique, there’s lots of companies which do this. 

Please, if you have stupid autoresponders like this, take them down. I know you got the email, I just sent it to you. Why do you clog my email with such a stupid response like this?

I could be clever and clog their system by setting up an autoresponder back for them and we could have autoresponder wars….hum….

Want a example of one of these stupid emails?

This is an auto-respond message to let you know we have received your email at the Aplus.Net Billing Department. Please do not respond to this message.

A Billing Representative will be responding to you in the order received. Please be sure to keep your original email until you have received a response from a Billing Representative.

Thank you, Customer Care

I love the line "please do not respond to this message"….I should have put in my original message to them "please don’t respond to my request until you have something intelligent to say" I have eneough spam, please don’t add to it with a worthless email.


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