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Before I got to #1

Today I ran a search in Google for "what time zone is ohio"

It answered my question…but it gave me a few new questions.

Before I got to the #1 Result, I see 2 areas Google’s put on top.

1. how did this page:
get above the "Book results"? (and hey…another type site!)

I see in the URL when I mouse over the OHIO that Google Answers is in the URL….but….how can I get a page listed like this?

2. Why are there "Book Results for what time zone is ohio" in the search results? some "Book" filter tripped??

side note: site #3  I can see in the description "Current time, Monday, September 19, 2005 at 10:53:14 PM EDT"

…pretty cool in that by having a time and date on a page, you can see exactly when Google spidered the site…or any search spider for that matter.

another side note: #6  "What Time is it in Indiana?" shows the power google gives to edu’s….a crappy result for the search I did…but hey, it’s an edu. (right google?)


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