14 Jul 2006

How 46% of SEO’s get away with not buying text links.

I’ve been amazed at my recent poll that shows that 46% of my readers that voted said that they never buy text links.  Now keep in mind, my blog is about 80% dedicated to "link building" topics….and yea, I do buy some under the radar quality links…so it really suprised me that almost half of you Never buy text link ads.

My latest poll asks "Do you buy text ads?"

46%   Never
20%   A couple
19%   A handful
8%     A big handful
7%     All I can find.

If you’re not buying advertising, and you’re happy with your rankings, I’ve got a lot of respect for you. I’m guessing that most of you have a great resource, and that you’re pumping out quality content, and this is producing quality backlinks on a regular basis.

I think in a perfect world we’d never have to buy link advertising, one can debate on if we live in a perfect search result world or not…..I personally vote having something that attracts natural backlinks, as well as buying when I feel it makes sense (for things like controlling link text).

But if you’re not going to buy, then I’d recommend aiming for working on things that can have a great impact on gaining natural backlinks. I found these 5 that give great tips and ideas on things that you can do to attract natural backlinks (yes, linkbait, if I may).  If you’re seeking ideas, these 5 articles give good ideas on creating webpages that obtain lots of natural backlinks.



What’s your Secrets (for those of you who say that you "Never"buy link ads)? 


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