13 Jul 2006

Abhilash on the Future of Text Link Building.

Many of you might not know Abhilash, but he’s a great SEO and also happens to be a Link Ninja.

Abhilash just wrote a great post on "Predictions on the Future of Text Link Building" that’s definitely worth the entire read. Abhilash says:

Link building has changed dramatically over the past couple of years, and the sophistication level of quality link building has definitely gone up. Where are we going now?

He then talks about 5 main points including:

  • Article Distribution is going to remain useful.
  • Relative Placement on a webpage will be more important.
  • Relevancy is no longer king, but gets crowned emperor.
  • The age & amount of unique content on your site will affect the “leniency” that your site is given.
  • Blog Links may get discounted, but Editorial Blog Links will be MONEY.

All of Abhilash’s points and reasons are spot on in my eyes. If you’re a link builder, it’s well worth the read.

…FYI, Abhilash will also be speaking at SES San Jose on "The Vice Presidents of Search Marketing


  1. Joseph July 14, 2006 at 2:06 AM

    It is important to focus on basic link building norms if you have to really come up good in Google rankings.

  2. Abhilash July 14, 2006 at 3:51 AM

    Thanks, Jim! I thought you’d agree…

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