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Google TV – Google Current.

Just got my Google Friends newsletter and in it was the following paragraph:

Google Current
Current TV is a new cable and satellite channel available throughout
the U.S. Through a partnership, we provide access to Google Zeitgeist
information – up to the minute aggregated search query results –
for the Current staff to use in creating new TV stories. The resulting
program, "Google Current," airs every half hour on Current TV and
provides a look at what the world is searching for on Google. From
hybrid cars to human-animal hybrids, from Paris riots to Paris Hilton
photos, your searches guide Current stories.

Cool. I hadn’t seen this before.

Is this Google’s response to CNN? Can Google win/compete in the offline media battle? Look out Barry Diller?


5 Responses

  1. Bingo – am doing the same here. Jim you are so on top of things!

    See you at the Hiton bar Sun night? Every night? Wait – I’ve got to pace myself.

  2. thanks for the heads up on this…have not heard of it yet.

    In my opinion they need a new host…a little too “extreme” for my liking. Either that or it is just his voice that irks me…

    See you at SES.

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