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Google Selling Run of Site Ads. Da Vinci Code Quest.

Roger just mentioned to me that Google’s got these new Run of site (on search result pages) ads for "Play the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google."

Just go ahead, run any ole search on google (it’s not contextual, any ole search will do), scroll down to the bottom, and check it out.


Never expeceted this to show up in my search for "internet marketing"…just didn’t seem relevant….but hey, I do own some Google stock.

These might be the ole cpm ads that were mentioned/rumored awhile back by Google.  Yahoo’s been the Glory of Hollywood, but looks like Google’s trying to step in now.

Wonder if this is just the beginning of something for Google…wonder what a ROS on Google costs?

What are your thoughts?


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3 Responses

  1. I’m sure it’s completely necessary to have you log in or create a google account in order to play. I’m sure there’s a very valid reason why they are shoving the personalized home page down your throat to play the game …

  2. I use a personalized home page and I got a big-box ad at the top of my page. It pushed my Jim Boykin & graywolf blog feeds down the page and I had to click on the X to get rid of it. Thank goodness it didn’t come back. At the time it pissed me off but then I realized it IS a Free service. Now I’m just disappointed to see them do this kind of interruption based advertising. (I would expect it from Yahoo but not Google.) I was looking forward to seeing the movie, but I’m so sick of the ads that I’ve lost all interest and will actually be glad when it goes away.

  3. I am unable to find this AD, could Google be showing in the ADs based on the location? I am located in Jordan.

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