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Google Forward Link Command

I just found an old Google Friends Newsletter from May 1998 where it mentions:

To get the forward links of a page use "flink: < url >".

Wonder what happened to that command? We built our own tool to check forward links, if you haven’t seen it, check out our forward link tool.


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  1. Blogging diseass finally gotcha ;)lol

    I checked the forward links tool you built guys and I like it, the only thing – it shows some URLs I don’t really like and I can not find them anywhere on my homepage – do you use Google API to scan all the indexed pages and where they link out? I would like to terminate a few of the links, but have no clue how to find them on my site 🙂

    Thanks Jim.

  2. Gemini, this tool first goes right to the site and spiders it first to find the pages linked off that page, then checks google to see if each of the pages it spiders to see if they have a cache.

    WiseSEO – you’re right. That’s the bug in the program. My tool guy is a bit busy at the moment with creating a few new tools, but one day we’ll get back to removing that bug.

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