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Everyone should have a blog.

I wonder when everyone will have a blog or at least a website. Natural disasters like 911 or Hurricane Katrina which leave so many people missing, and spur new websites for lost people like and (forum) and (hum…wonder how these sites excaped the sandbox)..anyways…wouldn’t it just be easier if everyone had their own blog space and if anyone was wondering where someone was they could just go to that persons blog space and check? This worked for fellow SEO Dazzlindonna when Katrina hit. It’s be cool if when you get your social security number, they’d also give you your web space. Even my baby has his own site


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  1. The sandbox must be triggered by something suspicious that the website does. Don’t think of Google as a bunch of blubbering idiots (I’m not implying that’s what you said, mind you); they know that some non-spammy sites will be thrown into the sandbox, so they’ve obviously taken precautions to try and lower that number while still catching as many spammy sites as possible.

    The thing is: most people don’t like blogs; in fact, they despise them. Blogs like this aren’t really what I consider ‘blogs’ (they’re basically article sites with short and to-the-point articles in blog form) and I feel that they should be renamed to something else.
    Your concept of the blogspace for locating people sounds like an excellent idea for this sort of situation, though.

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