25 May 2006

Cherry Picking Links – Believe it!

Most SEO’s that are on the hunt for more backlinks are working towards their goals by dealing in "discounted" link pages or they may be paying monthly fees for often "substandard ad placement" that may or may not count for much.

I’m really digging doing something a bit different….I’m out here cherry picking other kind of links.

I won’t even give you examples of the techniques we’re using to identify sites/pages that are related and powerful (I did that here and here).

I won’t even get into what our text ads look like (I did that at the last WebmasterWorld Pubcon).

I’ll just show you 1 "random" email that was sent out today (this also just happened to go live a few hours later).

I have a client (www.myclient.com) who will give you $30 for a banner ad above the bottom navigation bar on this page:

Here is a sample banner http://www.oursample.com/banner.html
The size and shape is flexible and I will customize it to blend with the page a bit more.

If this works for you can you let me know if you prefer paypal or a check?

Jim Boykin

Now believe it or not, this is not a template…every email I pull up is a bit different…but there’s some common things about many of them (study that email if you want)….I also look at this as a possible "stage 1" for bigger future advertising options.

This site was found on a "research search" which yealded one of these pages in the top Google 100.
This site is all natural in it’s backlinks (no SEO muck-up). (these sites are not hard to find!)
The site just happens to have over 500 backlinks, including 6 .edu’s. This page is Extremely relevant to my client who’s getting his ad there.

There really is so many resources, and so many pages…virgin land…..it’s really the best links from the best places at the best prices….if you know how to look, and how to choose the best pages to get your ads on, and how to do the right ads for the most "bang", and how to deal, and have the time to do things by hand while Thinking about each aspect.

Do you think I’m smoking crack, or believe what I’m saying?

How do you spend your time getting links?