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CEO Post – Credit card expiring – stinks changing everywhere.

So 3 years ago I got a new company credit card which we’ve been using for automatic billing on about 400 hosting companies accounts, and about 10 different registers, 20+ monthly software programs, etc.

The card expires in Feb, so my team has been hustling changing the credit card info in all these accounts.

Kinda sucks…but what else can ya do?


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  1. I’m curious why credit cards actually need to expire, as long as the bill is being paid every month (beyond wear and tear.) My card expired last month — I didn’t have to updated anywhere near 400+ accounts, but it was a hassle.

  2. Haha. Had this happen last year due to identify fraud, so feel ya pain. Expect to be following up on the other 400 accounts you forgot where on the CC for next 6 months. It is a big hassle, but will make you better organized by the end.

  3. Graywolf – oh yea…I freakin hate that….only about 2% tell you the url that they’re charging us for….that totally drives me nuts…we spent tons of hours a few months ago creating spreadsheets with hosting companies, urls, customer numbers, etc so that we can match those emails up to websites….would be soooo much easier if on their bills they’d include the url that they’re charging us for. I freaking HATE hosting companies!

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