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Cat Post – Are you a Genius?

Ok…this is it for cats posts….no more distractions from work after this.


Count every "F" in the following text:




(scroll down)…..















How many ?







WRONG, THERE ARE 6 — no joke.




The reasoning behind is the brain cannot process "OF".

Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!

Anyone who counts all 6 "F’s" on the first go is a genius.

Three is normal, four is quite rare.

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12 Responses

  1. sweet – i got all six.

    though i do not claim to be a genius, i learned a trick for spell checking, that works equally well when looking for specific characters. read the sentence backwards – by looking at the text from the last letter, and proceeding from right to left, back to the beginning, you are able to avoid having your mind fill in the blanks of what it expects to see.

  2. Weird. I got 6 the first time around. And I definitely do not claim to be a genious. Sometimes I do feel like Rainman though πŸ™‚

    Do you have ny information as to why the brain cannot process “OF” in this example?

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  4. 6 on first go.

    First time (and probably the last) when is better to be non native english speaking person.

    Today I can feel like genius but all other times I feel like loser when I browse through my czech – english dictionary and I try to catch what “the hell” did you mean. πŸ˜‰

    I do not know for example if “the hell” is rude or is it possible use in coments. If it is too rude, please erase it.

  5. Got 6 this time but only because I’ve seen it before. I think it was just three the first time I saw it. Something about your layout or font seems to makes this easier, maybe the capitals?

  6. It’s a phonetics issue – the first two words tell the brain to look for a certain phonetic form of “f”, while in “of” it’s a different phonetic form, hence why it’s overlooked.

  7. My wife counted six, not because she’s a genius but because she’s not a native English speaker.

    I counted the bonehead number :p

  8. I got 5. Does this make me a moron? I counted all the “of”s since i’d seen this before, but skipped right over scientific.

    Maybe they’ll have to rescind my ACT score…

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