20 Sep 2007

Backlink & Anchor Text SEO Tool Updated – Ninja Style.

Our backlink anchor text tool was semi-broke for a while there, but today we got the new bugs worked out. I also figured that so long as we were doing work on that tool that I might as well add some updates to the tool.

Here is what the new We Build Pages Backlink Text Analysis tool does:

You enter in your root url (not a subpage, but a homepage).

This tool finds about 1000 backlinks to your site.

This tool then finds the link text linking to your site from each of those pages, and gives you a report.
(This step takes ~15 minutes….I’d recommend minimizing that window, and returning later to view results).

When the above report is finished, it then generates 3 more reports for you:

The Anchor Text Summary Report
(shows how often phrases are used to link to your site)

The Ninja Choice Summary Report
(we use our secret method of removing links from the original report that are flagged as "possible worthless links" (scrapers, etc)
(This is what I’d use to analyze backlink text)

Then a Ninja Word Summary
(how often each individual word is used to link to your site).

We used this tool on a site we’re considering buying today and found some great areas that we could focus on with that site.

Hope you enjoy our backlink text report tool…..stay tuned for the 301 Finder Tool coming soon! (enter in a url and it will tell you what other sites are 301’d there, and how many backlinks those sites had, and how old the sites are…cool eh?)

I hope you like!


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