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Old Pictures, and New Services and Tools.

I happened to run across some of my old pictures of SEO people from 2002-2005….I really should update my picture page….maybe with the new site…but I thought that others might enjoy seeing my old picture page….there’s pics of me and Larry Page and Sergey Brin…and my autographed copy of “The Anatomy of A Large Scale Hypertextual Search Engine”…and several other “old timers” in the SEO field…funny…is see some pictures labeled with “?” for some of the people…and now I know many of  those “?” people quite well…

I also have some flicker pictures of a lot of SEO’s from 2006 and 2007.

Ah..those were some great parties….if it weren’t for the pictures, I might not remember them at all….

Anyone out there remember any of these “network events”?

ah…and there’s some new Expert Internet Marketing Blood at our company…including some name(s) you all know…but I’m not announcing these for about another month or so… I’m giving our clients these minds first…we’ll let the world know when we’re ready for them to take on the world as well…soon…

so long as I’m telling secrets here…worth noting that we’re going to be coming out with some tools soon… free ones at that…I’m not going to say too much more about this now…but planning and working on these has made me giddy with excitement…I can’t wait to bring back free tools to everyone….

FYI, I’ve been quiet for a long time…but I’m back to writing again…and I feel like I”m on fire…and I’m ready to take on the world….we’re moving offices in 3 weeks to a bigger, better place….we’re coming out with new tools….new services…and a new Brand (Internet Marketing Ninjas)… and I love it….I just love it…..

I’m Feeling Lucky,

PS. Here’s those links to the pictures pages again:
my old pictures of SEO people from 2002-2005 and a lot of SEO’s from 2006 and 2007

FYI, Here’s my speaking schedule for this year.
I won’t be at SMX seattle this year… I applied to speak on a link panel and for two tool panels…but was passed over (I think Danny doesn’t like may anymore…not sure why)…. oh well, I guess I’ll speak everywhere except SMX in the US…. so now I’ll be in Chicago during SMX week getting trained and certified in Google Adwords and Analytics…

it’s past midnight again….goodnight everyone…time to dream SEO dreams now…hopefully I’ll design a tool in my sleep again tonight….


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