SEO / Internet Marketing Pictures

Our fearless leader has a lot of friends in the industry.

The people pictured below in no way represent "endorsements" for Jim Boykin or for We Build Pages. These are only some of the people I've met and respect, and happened to have had a camera with me at the time.

Sergey Brin Google
Sergey Brin (Co-founder of Google) and Jim
San Jose 2002

Larry Page Google
Larry Page (Co-founder of Google) and Jim
San Jose 2002
Craig Silverstein
Jim and Craig Silverstein
(Director of Technology at Google)

Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts (Software Engineer Google) and Jim GoogleDance Party 2003
Nathan Tyler
Nathan Tyler (Technology PR at Google) and Jim - Boston 2003

Google's Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts
Boston 2003
Inside the Googleplex
Inside the GooglePlex

Search Engine Anatomy
The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. Signed by Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Craig Silverstein, and Google Guy.
Inside Google
Somewhere at Google I saw this whiteboard and quickly snapped this picture before moving on.


Jerry Yang Yahoo
Jerry Yang (Co-Founder of Yahoo) and Jim
New York 2004

Jeremy Zawodny
Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo
Las Vegas 2005
Tim Mayer and Jim Boykin
Yahoo's Tim Mayer
(previously with Fast, AlltheWeb, Overture, and Inktomi)


Jim Boykin and Barry Diller
Me and Barry Diller (CEO of IAC)

Jim and AskGuy
Me and AskGuy

A Bunch of SEO's

Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch and Jim
San Jose 2002

Dr. Garcia (Orion)
Dr. Garcia (Orion) (San Jose 2005)
Chris Boggs
Chris Boggs (San Jose 2005)
Jim and Sean
Jim and Sean from Marketing Terms (Great Resource for Internet Marketing information).
New York 2004

Jim Boykin and Debra Mastaler
Jim and Debra Mastaler of Alliance-Link
(San Jose 2005)
Jim Boykin and Dan Thies
Jim and Dan Thies, President of SEO Research Labs and author of Search Engine Fast Start. (One of best books on SEO).
MSN Party San Jose 2004

Andy Beal - Marketing Pilgrim
Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim Las Vegas 2005
Lee Odden
Lee Odden of the Online Marketing Blog
( party San Jose 2005)

George Werty
Crazy George Werty in Vegas 2005

Bruce Clay
Jim and Bruce Clay.
San Jose 2002
Jim Boykin and Tony Wright
Jim & Tony Wright
Gary Grant and Jim Boykin
Garry Grant from SEOinc and Jim
(San Jose 2005)

Barry Schwartz
Jim Boykin and Barry Schwartz
of SEO Roundtable
Google Dance Party 2004
Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall
Andy Hagans (link building blog) and Aaron Wall (SEO Book)
(Ask Jeeves party 2005)

Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall
Same clowns as left - Vegas 2005
Benjamin Pfeiffer
Benjamin Pfeiffer (Phoenix) of SEO Roundtable
and Derek Chew of

New York 2004

Darrin, Jim and Aaron
Darrin from Jim and Aaron Wall - New Orleans 2005

Andy Hagans, Todd Malicoat, Benjamin Pfeiffer and Barry Schwartz
Andy Hagans (link building blog), Todd Malicoat (stuntdubl), Benjamin Pfeiffer & Barry Schwartz (SE Roundtable) (San Jose 2005 Party)
Lee and Aaron
Lee and Aaron

Brett Tabke
Brett Tabke (owner of WebmasterWorld) and Jim
Todd, Matt, Neil, Brett, Jim, Shak
Todd, Matt, Neil, Brett, Jim, Shak - New Orleans 2005

Jim and Dean
Jim and Dean (Digitalghost)
Chicago 2003
Roger Monti
Jim and Roger (Martinibuster)
Google Dance Party 2004

Shak, James, Jim, and Paul
Shak, James, Jim, and Paul
Todd Friesen
Todd Friesen (oilman) SEO Rockstar
Chicago 2004

Justin (Chicago)
Justin (Chicago) San Jose 2005
Tedd Ulle
Tedd Ulle - Vegas 2005

(Neuron) Google Dance 2005
Yan (Eurotrash)
Yan (Eurotrash)
New Orleans 2005
Greg Boser (WebGuerrilla)
Greg Boser (WebGuerrilla)

MSN Party NYC 2004

Neil (Engine)
Neil (Engine)
New Orleans 2005
Darrin Ward, Jim Boykin
Darrin Ward, Founder of SEO Chat and Jim at the We Build Pages offices in New York

Morgan Carey SEO Guy
Jim and Morgan Carey (SEO Guy)
MSN Party San Jose 2004

Jill Whalen
Jim with Jill Whalen
San Jose
Scottie, Jill, Christing and Penny
Scottie, Jill, Christine, Penny
Chicago 2003
Jill and Scottie
Jill and Scottie
San Jose 2004

Jill Whalen highrankings
Jill after a few
Boston 2003

Alan from SEO Image , Jim - John Scott New York 2004

Brian and Greg from - New Orleans 2005

Them Crazy BOTW guys again being exposed by Matt - Vegas 2005

We Build Pages and GoGuides Guys
(Google Dance 2005)

Patrick Gavin
Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads and Jim
Chicago 2003

John from Linkadage and Jim
New Orleans 2005

Derek Chew, Jim Boykin, Justin Schoen, Scott M, Michael (GrayWolf)
Yahoo Party New York 2004

Jen, Keith, Jim Boykin, Adam, George Werty, Todd Malicoat
Toronto 2005
Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Mike Grehan
Mikkel deMib Svendsen Mike Grehan Chicago 2004

Jim, Keith from RedZone Global, and Roger (Martinibuster).
New Orleans 2005

Sean Stahlman, Jim Boykin, and Derek Chew in limo on the way to the Googleparty. Chicago 2005
Barry Lloyd, Mike Grehan, Rob Murray
Barry Lloyd (MakeMeTop), Mike Grehan, Rob Murray (iProspect) 2004

New York State Senator Joe Bruno with Jim of We Build Pages

Christoph Cemper Las Vegas 2005

Stuntdubl giving advice to We Build Pages link team 2006

A Group of Ninjas. We Build Pages office 2006

Andy Beal consulting Jim at We Build Pages office 2006.

Jim's Neighborhood Analysis Slide

I'm Feeling Lucky!

Jim at Stonehenge

Eric Ward, Detlev Johnson, and Mike Grehan 2003

Tim Mayer (Yahoo) and Lee Odden

Yahoo vs. Google Sumo

Ammon Johns (Black_Knight) , me, Andy Atkins-KrA1ger

Tony, Jay, Aaron Wall, Ecky - SEO PowWow Troy, NY 2005

Todd Friesen (Oilman), Jennifer Slegg (Jensense), Danny Sullivan, Greg Boser (WebGuerrilla), and Dax.

Aaron Wall (SEO Book) and Roger Montti (Martinibuster)

Aaron Wall and Stuntdubl

Aaron Wall

Stuntdubl, Jen and me

Me, Greg Jarboe, Jim Banks

Andy Beal and me

Ann Kennidy, ?, Scottie, Jill Whalen

Barry Lloyd, Mike Grehan, Tony Wright

Andrew Goodman, Mike Grehan, Jill Whalen, Joe Morin, me

Andy Hagans, Rand Fishkin, Nick Wilson

Bill Slawski, Andy Hagans, Barry Schwartz (standing), me, Nick Wilson and Jay

Bill Slawski, Dave, Loren Baker, Chris Boggs

Best of the Web Guys flanking someone

BoTW guys and me

Brandy and Darrin from

Brett and Erika Tabke (Webmasterworld)

Brian and Tony

Christoph Cemper and me

Ask chic and Chris Boggs

Chris Boggs and Todd (oilman) rapping

Christine Churchill and Mike Grehan

Dan Thies and Jim Boykin

Craig Silverstein (Google) and Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan and Darrin Babbin - Sumo

Danny, evilgreenmonkey, Rand, Jessica Bowman

Aaron Wall - he could use a fashion designer.

Aaron Wall, Tony, Eky, Jay ,?

Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall

DaveN and me

Sumo Darrin

DaveN & Matt Cutts...Darth Vadar and Obi-Wan?

Barry Diller of IAC and Danny

evilgreenmonkey, me, DaveN, Becky (Dave's wife) / Rand Fishkin, Joe, Jessica Bowman, Danny

Dixon, Ian, Rebecca Lieb, Mike Grehan, ? me, Jill, Ammon

I think she's pinching George Werty's butt.

Darrin and Danny

Gillian and Rand Fishkin

Todd (Stuntdubl) and ?

Brian of BOTW and Chicks

Shoemoney Sumo

Jim and Bruce Stone (wowdirectory)

Me and Jay

Jim, Chriss Boggs, SEO Guy and others

Jim and Andy Hagans

Jim and Derek Chew

Jim and IncrediBILL

Jim and Loren Baker (Search Engine Journal)

Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)

Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog

Tony Spencer (notsleepy)

Matt surrounded by some Cuttletts

Kid Disco (SEO Disco), Jim, Jarrod Hunt (TextLinkBrokers)

Kat from SEOMoz, me and Rand Fishkin

Matt Cutts Drinking?

Rand - and Party StormTrooper

Lee looks pretty happy here.

Michael McDonald (webproworld) and Lee Odden

Lee Odden and Danny Sullivan

Neil Patel, Bruce Clay, me

Morgan (SEO Guy), Botw Guy & Neuron

Some hot Bodog chicks, with me, ?, and Dave Zuls

SEOGuy and Jim

What a Motley Crue! Tony Wright, Chris Boggs, George, Greg Boser, Greg BOTW, Neuron

Nacho Hernandez

Paul Bruemmer, ?, Chris Boggs

Rand and Joe

Roger Montti (Martinibuster), Werty, Rae Hoffman (Sugarrae)

Rand, William, Danny

SEO Rockstars Live

Mike, Mikkel, Tony Wright

Adam, David Ogletree, Jim, Paul
Adam, David Ogletree, me, Paul (PMAC)
Michael McDonald, Andrew Goodman, Lee Odden
Michael McDonald (WebProNews), Andrew Goodman, Lee Odden
Jim and Hawaii SEO
Jim and Dave (Hawaii SEO) at Yosemite National Park

Jim, Jensense and Shoemoney
Jim, Jen Slegg (Jensense), Jeremy (Shoemoney)

Jim and Adam
Jim and Adam (Shandyking)
Jim Boykin and Kim Krause
Jim and Kim Krause Berg

Jim Boykin and Vanessa Fox
Jim and Vanessa Fox
Sean, Brad and Jim
Sean (Local Launch), Brad (eWhisper) and Jim
New Orleans 2005